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About Fraud Reporting Firm

I decided to start my law firm to help clients get the best possible outcome for their case.  Every individual needs to understand that it is critical for them to know that they have rights and to protect their reputation against unsubstantiated federal charges.  Many law firms do not tell their clients these important facts.

At Fraud Reporting Firm, our attorneys make it a point to inform our clients of all their rights as well as the best possible approaches to take in their case.  We regularly engage in open, direct, and frequent communication with our clients, which sets us apart from the legal community.

Dedication, commitment, respect, and passion—these are the guiding principles our attorneys use to fight for our clients.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden

(Founding Attorney)

Agencies and Topics Dealing with Fraud Allegations

A Corporate-Intensive Law Firm That Fights For
Your Rights, Career, and Reputation — No Matter What!

Qui Tam

A qui tam action is a lawsuit where the private person who has information on the suspected fraud brings a suit on the government’s behalf and can receive part of the recovery.


The Dodd-Frank Act not only contains provisions prohibiting fraud to protect investors but also includes whistleblower provisions to prevent aggressive financial reporting.


The SEC often brings civil enforcement proceedings against individuals and corporate entities suspected of engaging in reporting fraud under the securities laws.


The CFTC regulates commodity futures, options, and swaps trading markets and regularly coordinates with other federal agencies such as the SEC to investigate fraud reporting.


The novel coronavirus has produced an exponential increase in fraud and scams against the general public.


In today’s globalized world, reporting and disclosure fraud often crosses multiple borders, thus demanding the services of a skilled team of fraud reporting attorneys.

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